Spring / Summer 2020 Fashion: What to wear this year according to trends

As with any season, celebrities have shown the top trends for Spring / Summer 2020. So what are the fashion trends – gynaikeia royxa that will be worn most this season and which are new additions to the list? Discover everything about women’s fashion and refresh a little in your spring and summer wardrobe as the season demands.

Polka dot prints will be honored in Spring / Summer 2020

One of the top patterns for the season will be the polka dot, our famous polka dot . It is a playful and discreet motif that we all have pretty much worn. Its feminine and retro look makes it perfect for all hours of the day. Although black and white polka dots are the most distinctive, there are many shades and color combinations to try.

You can even wear more than one polka dot piece in contrasting colors or shades. Of course, this requires attention, so that the result is harmonious and not excessive.

Excessively shorts, bermuda and bicycle leggings

As the temperature starts to rise, the cooler clothes will begin to appear. So, by the spring and summer of 2020, bermuda and shorts will not be out of fashion.

Whether it’s a bermuda knee-length – ΓΥΝΑΙΚΕΙΑ ΣΟΡΤΣ | ΒΕΡΜΟΥΔΕΣ – , knee-length shirt or a women’s shorts suit, everything is allowed and a must have for the season. So dare to maintain the sleek and stylish look of a suit, giving it a more modern and seasoned style.

If you still prefer the more sporty outfit or you like gloves, you can invest in a bicycle leggings. This particular piece of women’s wardrobe comes back and is worn with both a t-shirt and a jacket.

Finally, for the more adventurous who like to show off their shapely legs, there are the very short and sexy shorts . It is worn both on the beach and on a relaxing morning stroll or evening outing. But what you need to keep in mind is to combine it with a top that is not revealing in order to maintain a balance in the final set.

Vintage leather clothing for Spring / Summer 2020

The skin remains on top this season as well, with the exception that it becomes more colored. Shades of orange, red, green, blue and other vibrant colors will make their presence felt in spring and summer leather clothing.

And if you are worried about this fabric because you consider it more wintery, the suggestions of famous fashion houses will change your mind.

So dare to wear it, especially in Spring, making impressions that will impress. Ideal choices are leather coats or jackets, as well as overalls or total leather outfits.

Crochet: Knitwear in the spring and summer collection

Another trend of fashion that will remain at the top and Spring / Summer 2020 is knitwear. In their lighter and see-through version, such as the net and lightweight knitwear, crochets will be a must.

Ideal for beach, strolls and evening outings, knitwear, skirts and t-shirts can create spectacular dresses for the season. The colourful as well as vibrant colored clothes you will find in stores will help you to adopt this trendy trend.

Classic Blue: The 2020’s top colour

The list of top fashion trends could not miss the colour of the year according to Pantone.

This classic blue has its honour and we will see it used in every fashion field. From the clothes, overalls and accessories, the classic blue will make its presence felt.

Find out more about how to wear the classic 2020 blue .

Vests and women’s suits for elegant looks

A special and very impressive outfit that will be worn both in Spring and Summer is the vest – ΓΥΝΑΙΚΕΙΑ ΓΙΛΕΚΑ – .

Combined with a women’s suit or just over a shirt, the vest can add style and elegance to your outfit.

It’s a trend reminiscent of the ’70s that has influenced the fashion of the season, while also being a timeless choice for chic and casual style outfits.

Airy dresses mean Summer

What is more characteristic about the season than the aerial dresses? Ideal for Spring and Summer, dresses that do not stick to the body and are made of light fabrics will be another must.

Whether it be long or short dresses, the effect is just as captivating. They are usually decorated with ruffles, fringes or drape elements that give the outfit extra movement and make it even more impressive.

Corsets, bralettes and top bra will be worn a lot this year

In recent years lingerie trends have been established in women’s clothing. So the pajamas that were honored last fall and winter came in the most summer underwear.

Seductive and extremely feminine, the top bra, bralette and corset will be must have pieces for this period. Some may find it bold, but combining it with a blouse from the inside can make things safer.

So despite their small size, these tops can be very elegant. Choose from knitwear, animal prints or whatever you like, the perfect one and make an impression that will be unforgettable!

In fashion the clothes are decorated with fringes, feathers and flyers

Beautiful movement to our spring and summer dresses as well as to the skirts of the season.

And since these are decorative details that give a lot to a garment, they couldn’t help but be added to the T-shirts of the season.

Volume, bun and skirts balloon for the Spring / Summer 2020 season

One of the trends that will make its presence felt will be the massive dresses. This is a fashion trend that has been established over the last few seasons. Sometimes an inner loop is used for the successful creation of this effect, such as what the brides put on. Of course there are dresses made of specific materials, which retain their bulky shape.

Beyond that, the skirts will be worn too. That is, they have an inflatable hem with a rich volume and have been inspired since the 80’s. They are very flattering and impressive, and can be worn at all times. So why not put them in your office or your evening / formal appearances?

It is worth noting that this style of dressing has also affected the dresses of the season.

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