Bachelor with 3 escorts in Athens

A bachelor party is a lot more than you think. It’s not just a cause for drinks, gambling and escorts Greece. Okay this may be all, but it’s not just them.

Most of all, it is a great ritual that comes from the depths of time and has only one purpose: to lead the bridegroom from the carelessness of marriage to the bands of marriage. This, of course, does not mean that you cannot enjoy it until that time.

How to organize a bachelor party with Athens escorts?

Since they shave the groom in the end, we are very proud to present the BACHELOR PARTY LAWS, hoping that we will help some undecided friends find their way.

Make sure you collect money beforehand. Bachelor with escorts is not done for any reason.

No one comes to the bachelorette. There comes the close circle of the groom. And you would do well to do a research before head.

This is not Hollywood. Bachelor never takes place the night before the wedding. You don’t get married easily with a hangover.

“Yeah yes don’t worry, we won’t take him to a striptease,” they said and NEVER looked her in the eyes.

If one of your friends have a big house, all you need to do is put drinks on.

If he has a big house and drinks, then all he has to do is gift him a dance. You will NOT dance the escort will!

Nikos P. shared his hot story with us

My best friend and best man, Kostis, is getting married in two weeks. In Crete where we live there are not many options to do a bachelor as we imagine.

I and Sifis, the other friend of our group, were thinking of making a gift trip to Athens with our friend.
But a trip says nothing.

But on a hot night with 3 beautiful strip escorts, Kostis is sure to enjoy it!

How did the bachelor with the 3 escorts go?

Sifis got the tickets, I got in touch with a flight attendant to pick the escorts I wanted. I asked for 3 escort dancers. I didn’t care what they were dancing but I wanted to know how to rock and not be cucumbers.

I was offered two pole dancers and one striper. I saw them in photos and they were drums!!! What a surprise for the piggyback! One was Greek escort, the other Russian and the other Moldavian.

Their tusks and their asses from another planet!!! Now I had to find a hotel suite that had a pole dancing pole to finish my idea and the lover and we of course liked!

I found a suite with a jacuzzi and a pillar and all that was missing was the last details I would complete upon our arrival in Athens.

The flawless organization

When we finally arrived in Athens, we went shopping for the wedding, we ate and left in the afternoon and went to the suite, put candles, roses, perfumes and champagne and went to meet my friends in the cafeteria again.

Previously, I had arranged for escort dancers to go out, swim, bathe in the jacuzzi, have a drink and wait for us. Kostis didn’t know anything. We had informed him that we would stay in a simple hotel room and in the evening we would go to a strip club.

Leaving the cafeteria, I had told the girls how to get to the suite in a few minutes.


When I opened the door, they were greeted with tiny lingerie and greeted us with a caress and a smile. The groom was speechless. He was looking at the babies and asking us “what is going on here?” I told him we were going to have a good time tonight and I told the girls to serve us champagne for the “warm up“.

We were talking, dancing, our escorts dancers were massaging and… it was time to enjoy the dance show.

The Russian first started pole dancing. A dream baby blond, tall, slim with juicy curls, long hair and mattes!

Moldova continued with pole dancing. Amateur brunette, tall, with a slim waist, trousers and tattoos just above her pussy.

The Greek woman twerked us by shaking her ass and stabbed us even harder. She was taller, more curvaceous than the other two, with short frames of black wool and a colt that you could hardly resist.

The orgy

In the beginning, we asked the guy who he wanted to start the game with and he chose Moldavian.
So Siffis and I had the choice of Russian or Greek.

I got the Greek girl and Sifis the blonde Russian girl. Before we went “deep“… we bathed all 3 escorts girls, with champagne.

Kostis, the unshakable lily of the Moldavian peasantry, enjoyed the deep throat of the Greek and Russian women as much as I and Sifis. There was a mess in the room from one point onwards. We exchanged girls, so it turned into a breezy party.

The groom had enjoyed tweezers and fucking and had finished with all three. The Russian with Sif, went into the jacuzzi and continued their “munchies” there. I and the Greek call girl ended up on the floor taking her one ass, one pussy.

All three of us were dry. We slept there all night. In the morning the escorts Athens left, we stayed there, completely exhausted from the journey and the orgy.

We enjoyed it so far and we are still discussing it with the company!

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